Stairs are Done!!

The stairs are finally done to the loft. Ian helped as he is on his break from school. The table saw and nail gun did a great job!!!.

Long Day... Weekend...

Had to work most of the weekend. Work went well and just tired... need to go to bed early tonight.

After work I had to help a friend and pick up their dog at the kennel. Colby is a great companion to take on short hikes. So I decided it would tale the long road home and do some photography. I had my iPhone and these days that is usually good enough.

The kennel is located near an old place here in CT called Old Newgate Prison . I couldn't get the sun to peek out much but considering it had rained all day. The colors this year are great.

Enough Politics.. Kudos to Nikon......

Check out this video. This is a new camera from Nikon Coolpix 900 that is yet to be released, but imminent. This camera costs $596, not a lot of money in the camera world, but still a chunk of change. I am a Canon guy from 35mm film days. I bought lenses and well I am a Canon guy. I have been impressed by Nikon and how they really caught Canon in lenses and cameras and surpassed them in some areas. I have to say the main reason I still love my Canon is stabilization. I have family tremors and so shaky shots can occur.

Now what makes me go wow! ZOOM!!!!! 166X zoom and I was astounded how the zoom, clarity of the lens. For the amount of money... wow...

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