Almost a month...

Hard to believe that it was a month ago that we were preparing for the trip. Now it is time to get ready for the fall. The leaves are changing.

I just received some of the photos back from  Nations Photo Lab   and they did a great job. Try them out one of the best online photo print places I have used. Puts Walgreens, CVS and Wal Mart to shame.

Where is my head?

One reason I love to backpack into the wilderness is that my mind relaxes as the body works the trail. With my mind relaxed I find myself working personal and work issues that have been in my sub-conscious. Clarity does strike more often on the trail than at home or work.

I am thinking I need to hit the trail again soon if only for a weekend. I know nothing will compare to Montana, but that is ok. The journey is not all the Rosebud Trail of Montana...

Updates on Photos... Montana

I have updated and believe most if not all the photos are up now. I am now cleaning some of the photos with cropping. Really a great credit to Ian and Cole for some Great picture taking.

The Detail trip is not to the TrailHead, beginning of the hike. I have also added a gear page where I will discuss the gear we took, what we should have taken and what we should have left off the trail. 

Just use the above menu for Montana “The Beaten Path"