Let's Take New Gun Laws....

Every time a crazy goes in and kills people there is usually an out cry from the Gun Control group to do something. 

I was not disappointed to almost immediately here the cry from the media that something must be done to control the amount of and access to guns. I will admit that one of the articles was at least honest that other than an outright ban on guns nothing would have stopped this tragedy.

The perp who committed this last despicable act was of legal age to buy a gun. The gun was purchased with a background check. As Karl Rove put it the only thing that would have stopped this nut would have been the repeal of the 2nd amendment.

Now this tragedy has brought up an issue that the media and feel gooders could get behind and that is the banning, or removal of the confederate flag. The gun control lobby has been moved to the 2nd row as the debate over the confederate flag blusters on.