Missing Newspapers


Newspapers are vanishing due to the internet ether. What I miss most is in depth articles analyzing an issue or telling a story. Not the 5 minute soundbite that the internet generally provides for the most part. 

In college I would get three newspapers a day delivered to my apartment so I could keep on the news and understand my world. Yes the internet has allowed me to know the news quicker, but not in depth, or increasing my understanding. Today I pay for a couple of news sites such as the Wall Street Journal. Very few quality newspapers survive today. My local city paper is a ghost of itself from just 10 years ago.

Here is a great story done by Laurence Rees at Politico Magazine on the SS Guard at Auschwitz that was just convicted by a German court with several hundreds of counts as an accessory to murder. The BBC also did some interviews with the SS guard Oskar Groening. The article informs and reveals the duality of man and how a simple man who is good with numbers could accept these horrendous atrocities occurring all around him. The courage to stand up and probably die is a cup that many of us would find hard to take of. The quote that stands out for me showing how this man understood his complicity in the murders going on around him and over the last few decades is one of the few who have stood up to the holocaust deniers telling them the crematoriums were real, and that Hitler, and the German people killed people by the millions in the concentration camps. 

Read the article and get a different perspective as there have been so few who were in the SS to speak out and discuss what happened.

"The Life of an Auschwitz Guard"