Hard to believe it is fall already....

 Nepaug Forest CT

Nepaug Forest CT

Nice day for a drive and finding the fall colors punching out. This fall looks like there will be two waves of colors. I estimate 1 wave this week, and another next week. I may get more shots lets see....

Next two shots are from a cemetery near Nepaug Forest, CT.  I was impressed with the below headstone. 

One thing I have noticed in visiting several old cemeteries is that there are three consistencies. 

1. Families are buried together for the most part and the amount of babies that died in each family. Most families have several child birth deaths.

2. Many men had two wives. Either childbirth or disease, many men have two wives buried in the family plot and another set of children. Several plots here reflect this look.

3. These older cemeteries in CT run from the 1600's thru early or mid 1900's. Depends on the size of the cemetery and location near a big city. The common periods of death caused by War, Pandemics, or brutal weather.