My Thoughts On iPhone 6

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I have had the phone for one week and here are my thoughts. IOS 8 was released with the phone so some of my comments may straddle the new IOS and the new phone hardware.


  • Form Factor - I do like the larger phone and the way it holds in my hand. It does still fit in my pocket.
  • Calls - Crisp and clear. I have AT&T. Linked with my bluetooth headset (Plantronics) easily.
  • Screen - Bright and crisp. I like the new Retina. I am envious of the 6+ which has double the density of pixels.


  • Buttons - The off on button has been moved to the right side instead of the top of the phone. This at first just seems like something new and to get used too. However the placement does cause accidental "turning off" of the screen. Apple will need to address this.
  • Audio Speaker - Apple used to provide two speaker ports and now just have one on the bottom left. This causes issues when I accidentally cover the bottom speaker with my "holding" hand and my pinky slips down to cradle the phone. Another item for Apple to address. 

oth of my dislikes are items I believe that Steve Jobs would have corrected prior to the release. Just my opinion.

Bending the phone which has been in the news. What bullshit. Fat Ass's and I will include myself in that category should not put a $700 item in their back pocket and sit on it. As Consumer Reports stated yesterday the iPhone 6 is about average on bend-ability.

Not fully tested:

The camera. I have heard great things and my first video came out great. I do want to do further testing myself.