Some Technology - Apple IPhone 5S

It has been a week and I am very satisfied with the phone and the new OS. I am still working on photos and should have some more after this weekend. I would recommend this phone to those that are waiting for new or better hardware. The mid upgrade is one worth getting this year.  

Update Day 3 With The IPhone..... 

So here are some cons: 

  • Battery Drain - This may relate to IOS 7 as my 5 on the beta IOS 7 needed recharging once a day. A full day at work I was down to 30%. Generally prior to IOS 7 and 5s I would average 60% with a full day of work.
  • The finger print ID is 98% working right. by turning on the phone and then applying the finger, I am not sure if I am saving that much time. I do like the app store purchases. A little stream lining on the app store purchase process is needed, but this may relate to a conservative approach to security
  • Implement a way for 3rd party app developers to access the finger print ID. This would help lessen all the required passwords for friends and relatives!!! 

That is todays take on Day 3


The IPhone 5S was worth the wait in line. I have not seen upgrades in the mid series cycle as for this bump.  

What I like: 

  • Camera Improvements
  • M7 Chip, this holds future potential. 
  • Finger sensor, ID
  • Speed
  • IOS7 comes together on the 5, but the 5S it goes up a level. 

What I do not like: 

  • Sensor ID to for 3rd Party apps (Key Ring in the Beta, maybe)
  • Probably more to come as I use the phone more. 

This is the one to get if you can upgrade, yes it is worthy to grab this phone now.