Apple..... Freedom, Free, Freedom....

The annual Fall Apple event occurred yesterday. I was home working and had the event streaming on the Apple TV. Very nice Apple, it saves everyone trying to get the event through Twitter or some other means. 

Here are my thoughts.  


1. FREE, FREE.......Freedom.... to me the big news was the announcement by Apple that all operating system updates will be free starting now. Add to that the ILife package (IPhoto, IMovie, Garage Band) will also be free. The icing on the cake was making IWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) are now free. That is awesome. I read an article today by another techie that the savings will represent close to $4,000 as he has 8 Apple computers between himself and his family. At a time when the government and most businesses are asking more money Apple is reducing the prices on their products or making them free.

2. Mavericks, the upgrade to the operating system is nice. Performance has improved and my battery life on my current laptop has increased.  The install which was an upgrade was smooth and trouble free. I will have more to come on this later.

3. Macbook Pro's and the upgrades. Apple moved the 13" Retina down in price and weight. The laptop now weighs 3 lbs., just a 1/2 lb. heavier than the Macbook Air 13". I am now leaning heavily towards the Macbook Pro. The price dropped $200. 

4. IPad's, well what can you say. I like that the mini is now retina. I am not sure that a new IPad is in my future. 

5. The Mac Pro, OMG, I do want one, but the price will be out of reach for me for a while. 

What do I want from Apple next? I would love to see the Mac Mini upgraded to the Haswell.