Hard to believe it is fall already....

 Nepaug Forest CT

Nepaug Forest CT

Nice day for a drive and finding the fall colors punching out. This fall looks like there will be two waves of colors. I estimate 1 wave this week, and another next week. I may get more shots lets see....

Next two shots are from a cemetery near Nepaug Forest, CT.  I was impressed with the below headstone. 

One thing I have noticed in visiting several old cemeteries is that there are three consistencies. 

1. Families are buried together for the most part and the amount of babies that died in each family. Most families have several child birth deaths.

2. Many men had two wives. Either childbirth or disease, many men have two wives buried in the family plot and another set of children. Several plots here reflect this look.

3. These older cemeteries in CT run from the 1600's thru early or mid 1900's. Depends on the size of the cemetery and location near a big city. The common periods of death caused by War, Pandemics, or brutal weather.

Missing Newspapers


Newspapers are vanishing due to the internet ether. What I miss most is in depth articles analyzing an issue or telling a story. Not the 5 minute soundbite that the internet generally provides for the most part. 

In college I would get three newspapers a day delivered to my apartment so I could keep on the news and understand my world. Yes the internet has allowed me to know the news quicker, but not in depth, or increasing my understanding. Today I pay for a couple of news sites such as the Wall Street Journal. Very few quality newspapers survive today. My local city paper is a ghost of itself from just 10 years ago.

Here is a great story done by Laurence Rees at Politico Magazine on the SS Guard at Auschwitz that was just convicted by a German court with several hundreds of counts as an accessory to murder. The BBC also did some interviews with the SS guard Oskar Groening. The article informs and reveals the duality of man and how a simple man who is good with numbers could accept these horrendous atrocities occurring all around him. The courage to stand up and probably die is a cup that many of us would find hard to take of. The quote that stands out for me showing how this man understood his complicity in the murders going on around him and over the last few decades is one of the few who have stood up to the holocaust deniers telling them the crematoriums were real, and that Hitler, and the German people killed people by the millions in the concentration camps. 

Read the article and get a different perspective as there have been so few who were in the SS to speak out and discuss what happened.

"The Life of an Auschwitz Guard"

Enough Politics.. Kudos to Nikon......

Check out this video. This is a new camera from Nikon Coolpix 900 that is yet to be released, but imminent. This camera costs $596, not a lot of money in the camera world, but still a chunk of change. I am a Canon guy from 35mm film days. I bought lenses and well I am a Canon guy. I have been impressed by Nikon and how they really caught Canon in lenses and cameras and surpassed them in some areas. I have to say the main reason I still love my Canon is stabilization. I have family tremors and so shaky shots can occur.

Now what makes me go wow! ZOOM!!!!! 166X zoom and I was astounded how the zoom, clarity of the lens. For the amount of money... wow...

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The Banter Continues...

Today the FBI admits that the SC shooter in the AME church should not have been permitted to buy a gun due to a felony conviction for drugs. Wow.. so again what does the government do well. Not much is my reply.

Even with gun laws in place they do not work. So lets make some new ones that is the answer, not. Enforce what is on the books already might be a better answer.

However victory has occurred with the Confederacy Battle Standard was removed from the SC capitol. The feel gooders can claim some victory as small and insignificant as it is.

Let's Take New Gun Laws....

Every time a crazy goes in and kills people there is usually an out cry from the Gun Control group to do something. 

I was not disappointed to almost immediately here the cry from the media that something must be done to control the amount of and access to guns. I will admit that one of the articles was at least honest that other than an outright ban on guns nothing would have stopped this tragedy.

The perp who committed this last despicable act was of legal age to buy a gun. The gun was purchased with a background check. As Karl Rove put it the only thing that would have stopped this nut would have been the repeal of the 2nd amendment.

Now this tragedy has brought up an issue that the media and feel gooders could get behind and that is the banning, or removal of the confederate flag. The gun control lobby has been moved to the 2nd row as the debate over the confederate flag blusters on.



Politics of the day....

What am I waiting to know regarding our politic's this week? No special order but here it is....

  1. Supreme Court Rulings - Obamacare, Gay Marriage, Census to count citizen's or just people. The last one maybe the sleeper here.
  2. What gun control laws will the politicians come up with to solve the violence? Karl Rove has already stated that the only way to stop the violence is to repeal the 2nd Amendment.
  3. Appeals Court Texas ruling on immigration.
  4. TPA and the Senate.
  5. What will Donald Trump say this week to piss someone off?

My Thoughts On iPhone 6

 Picture Credit - Macrumors.com

Picture Credit - Macrumors.com

I have had the phone for one week and here are my thoughts. IOS 8 was released with the phone so some of my comments may straddle the new IOS and the new phone hardware.


  • Form Factor - I do like the larger phone and the way it holds in my hand. It does still fit in my pocket.
  • Calls - Crisp and clear. I have AT&T. Linked with my bluetooth headset (Plantronics) easily.
  • Screen - Bright and crisp. I like the new Retina. I am envious of the 6+ which has double the density of pixels.


  • Buttons - The off on button has been moved to the right side instead of the top of the phone. This at first just seems like something new and to get used too. However the placement does cause accidental "turning off" of the screen. Apple will need to address this.
  • Audio Speaker - Apple used to provide two speaker ports and now just have one on the bottom left. This causes issues when I accidentally cover the bottom speaker with my "holding" hand and my pinky slips down to cradle the phone. Another item for Apple to address. 

oth of my dislikes are items I believe that Steve Jobs would have corrected prior to the release. Just my opinion.

Bending the phone which has been in the news. What bullshit. Fat Ass's and I will include myself in that category should not put a $700 item in their back pocket and sit on it. As Consumer Reports stated yesterday the iPhone 6 is about average on bend-ability.

Not fully tested:

The camera. I have heard great things and my first video came out great. I do want to do further testing myself.


Let Down Is Not So Bad

This morning I had a chance at obtaining the iPhone 6, not the 6+. I did not as I am still thinking this one over. I just read a review on Forbes that discussed the issue of size which is my concern. The 5s was a good size for me as it fit in my pocket and with a wallet case was not too large. The 6+ just seems big and I tell myself this is about the camera. I am not sure which side will win out, so I continue to read reviews.

Apple Let Me Down....

So the past 5 years I have upgraded to the new iPhone. This year I arrived earlier at the Apple Store than many years prior. I do not pre-order as I enjoy the event, speaking with fellow Apple Fans.

As I walked into the mall entrance at 4:30 am I knew something was not right. In all the past years the line for an event goes down the Apple store wall and then wraps down a cove area where there are some smaller shops. Usually this area can hold 300 or so people. Not this year the line wrapped down the main artery of the mall. The difference is now there is one long line that is broken by segments for the crosswalks from one side of the mall to the other. 

This created an issue for security as the line now spanned ⅓ of the mall artery instead of all being in a cove. This also made the Media with their video camera's have to traverse the mall looking for a story.

The next thing I noticed was all the Asian's which has been increasing each year. I would say almost half the line was composed of Asians. I have nothing against Asians. What this signaled to me was that this group and I remember many of them are here to buy phones and ship them to China where the iPhone 6 is not yet released.

You can't blame the NYC contingent as I call them, because they have driven up from NYC which is about a 2hr drive. Why the group drives up is that the NYC Apple stores lines are 12 blocks. This group comes up early the day before the release and they are guaranteed a phone. In NYC people started lining up two weeks ago.

How much money can be made? Here is what I am finding either on news stories or my conversations with the NYC contingent. An iPhone 6 will cost $600-$800 Unlocked. That same phone will go for $2600 to $3600 in China/Hong Kong. Not bad, each person can get 2 If there are there is a group of 100 individuals getting phones that is 200 phones. Average the cost of the phones at $14,000, now the average sale value of $3,000 per phone with 200 they make gross $600,000. Now the individuals in the store are not making the money but some so the final profit will erode due to expenses, but that potential profit is a motivator.

I roughly counted the people in line and out of the 300 individuals in front of me, half had the NYC contingency look to them. I left the mall when they announced the 6+ was out.

Right before the announcement I saw a group of officers taking out some individuals who were out of control. 

Not sure if I will go to the Apple store anymore for events. I like the atmosphere but this last trip is convincing me it is not worth it anymore. The system has been coopted for export with good incentives, the mall made a mistake and I have never seen the police having to arrest people in line before.